How To Download From YouTube On Android And IPhones: Step by Step Format for all methods

How To Download From YouTube On Android And IPhones: Step by Step Format for all methods

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YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world. It holds various videos uploaded by different youtubers, singers, footballers, actors etc. 

We find interesting videos on YouTube and would love to watch them again when ever we want. There are ways you can do this and enjoy the video you love so much. 

On this post, i will be revealing the ways i use to download my so much loved videos from YouTube to my phone (Android and IPhone).

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This is just an alternative website of YouTube. It has exactly all the videos that are uploaded on YouTube and the interestingly striking thing about Tubidy is that it allows you to download your preferred video in different grades even converting it to MP3. 

Step by Step on how to download from Tubidy 

  • Go to YouTube and get the name of the video you want. Eg Davido ft Popcaan - Risky 
  • You might be lucky to see the video of your choice on trending YouTube videos that will be appearing on the front page. 
Tubidy front page

  • If not, search the name of the video on the search bar and search 
  • List of various YouTube videos related to your search term would be displayed for you. 

my selected video

  • Then select the video and click on it 
Tubidy download options

  • Then choose option of your choice and get your video downloaded.
Tubidy video download formats

Saving On YouTube App 

Yes, this doesn't allow the video to show up on your iPhone camera roll or Android photos but it still gives you the chance to watch the video over and over again without being online. 

Once you get a video saved on the official YouTube app, it becomes downloaded for offline use meaning you have access to view the video anytime without data. This method works on both android and IPhones.

Step by step on how to save on the YouTube app

  • Install YouTube app from Google Play or Apple Store if you don't have it. 
  • On YouTube, select the video you want and click it. 
  • YouTube videos are always on autoplay, so it starts playing immediately
Download icon on YouTube

  • Just below the video name and number of views, you will see a download icon with the name save.
formats to save video

  • Click on it, an option displays showing you to select the preferred quality to save the video for offline 
  • Select your choice and it starts saving.

This is another known website that allows you to download the YouTube video of your choice. It should also work on your iPhone as it works so well on Android gadgets. also has an app but here we will be using the browser website.

Step by step on how to download from

  • Pick a browser of your choice; UC browser, Chrome, Firefox etc. 
  • Go to YouTube and select video of your choice
  • Just below the video and number of views, you will see a share button 
  • Click on it and select copy link 
  • Go to
  • On the website, you will see a search bar 
  • Now long press in that bar and paste the link you copied and click on the icon at the hand right side.
searched video have been loaded on

  • It brings out the video you choose with an option 
Video download formats on

  • Select one of your choice and start downloading. 
Note: Not all video links works with this method but you can use the other methods. You can install the Firefox mobile browser along with the helper extension and download in one click.

This website is so similar to it gives you an easy way to download your so much loved videos. Like it also has an Application. 

Step by step on how to download from

  • Go to your YouTube and copy the link of the video you like using steps 2-4 from method 
  • Go to on your browser 
  • Using the search bar, type in the copied link and search for the video.
Searched video on Y2Mate search bar

  • The same way with savefrom, it brings out the video and gives you download options 
Various formats for video and mp3 download

  • Pick your preferred format and download. 
Note: This also doesn't work on all video link. Sometimes it might give you "Sorry we can't process this video id".

This method is really fast and so reliable. This should work on all phones 

Step by step on how to download from
  • Place in the copied link into a search box that states "Enter YouTube link here" and click on the convert button. 
YouTube converter front page with search bar

  • The video pops out with various download formats (mp4 and mp3)
Video Download formats

video and audio options

  • Select the mp4, a pop up window will come out 
a pop up window with download.mp4 button appears

  • Click on download.mp4 and it starts downloading.

The above ways gets you wanted YouTube video on to your phone. You can now get maybe those comedy videos, music videos or dailyhacks you never knew about. 


  1. I'm using the VidMate application on my device for the last 3 years. It's can be download any YouTube videos with the super faster speed...


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