Top 10 Richest Pastors in the World 2020

Top 10 Richest Pastors in the World 2020

There is actually huge money circulation in church these days. Pastors make whole lot of money from their congregations and you will be marvelled at how wealthy they are.

Millions of dollars are earned by the pastors of big and Famous churches in the world. The list of the richest pastors in the world 2020 comprises of big names that most of us know about.

The likes of Kenneth Copeland, David Oyedepo, Chris Oyakhilome are top names on this list.

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  • TB Joshua - $15 million 
  • Creflo Dollar - $27 million 
  • E A Adeboye - $40 million 
  • Joel Osteen - $40 million 
  • Benny Hinn - $42 million 
  • Chris Oyakhilome - $50 million 
  • Pat Robertson - $100 million 
  • TD Jakes - $147 million 
  • David Oyakhilome - $200 million 
  • Kenneth Copeland - $760 million 
Top 10 Richest Pastors in The World 2020

10) TB Joshua Net Worth - $15 million 
Church - Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) 

Richest Pastors - TB Joshua

TB Joshua is the tenth richest pastor in the world as of 2020. This man is very popular in Nigeria and all over the world. 

He is the founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations and his YouTube channel is the most viewed Christian ministry on YouTube. 

TB Joshua's SCOAN runs the Emmanuel TV station from Lagos to its viewers in different continents of the world.

Forbes in 2011 tagged him as the third richest Nigerian pastor. His church however denied this claim through a statement. 

TB Joshua is truly known for being controversial and was even blacklisted by the Cameroonian government in 2010.

SCOAN doesn't have different branches in various cities except the one they have in Ghana .According to the guardian, his church attracts more weekly attendees than the combined number of visitors to Buckingham Palace and the tower of London. 

TB Joshua net worth is estimated at $15 million and that's why he is on the list.

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9) Creflo Dollar Net Worth - $27 million 
Church - World Changers Church International 

Richest Pastors - Creflo Dollar

World Changers Church International is a non denominational church founded by creflo Dollar. Creflo takes the ninth spot on the list.

This pastor is too known for his controversial teachings regarding prosperity theology. Due to this he is very criticized .

Creflo Dollar has a very lavish lifestyle owning numerous Rolls Royce, private jets and high end real estates.

He has a million dollars house in Atlanta and a $2.5 million home in Demarest, New Jersey. 

But regarding all these, creflo has refused revealing his worth to many publications. He also speaks at conferences and writes about his gospel of wealth and his involvement in televangelism.

Want to know Creflo Dollar net worth? As of 2020 he is worth about $27 million. 

8) E A Adeboye Net Worth - $40 million 
Church - Redemeed Christian Church of God 

Richest Pastors - E A Adeboye

Adeboye is one of the most popular pastors in the and no one in Nigeria doesn't know him and his church, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

He is also one of the richest pastors in Nigeria gaining a whole lot of money from his large congregation.

He comes eighth on the richest pastors in the world list. This pastor got ordained as a pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God in 1977 and became the General Overseer in 1981.

RCCG has over 14 million branches in Nigeria alone and has several branches in about 196 nations of the world.

Adeboye is also one of those pastors criticized for prosperity preaching of the gospel. His net worth is estimated at $40 million.

7) Joel Osteen Net Worth - $40 million

Richest Pastors - Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen shares the same net with redeemed pastor E A Adeboye. He is a very popular American pastor, televangelist and author.

He has been called "the most popular preacher on the planet" and he's often listed as one of the most influential religious leaders in the world.

Joel Osteen is indeed a great author. He has written 7 #1 New York Times bestselling books. He reportedly pastors the largest church in America.

Based on 2018 data, his televised sermons were seen by approximately 10 million viewers in the US and several million more in over 100 different countries weekly.

Osteen's sermon like other pastors on this list are sometimes criticized for prosperity theology. He has never denied being a prosperity teacher and frequently encourages it.

The net worth Joel Osteen according to moneyinc is placed at $40 million making him one of the richest pastors in the world.

6) Benny Hinn Net worth - $42 million

Richest Pastors - Benny Hinn

This name is as popular as many of his great crusades. He is the man that holds regular crusades in various stadiums of big cities where he performs lots of healing.

His TV program called "This is your Day" is only a thirty minutes program but is one of the world's most watched Christian movies.

1983 was the year Benny Hinn founded the Orlando Christian center and began claiming that God was using him to do healings and he began holding healing services in his church.

Hinn has claimed to speak to one billion people through his crusades including a memorable crusade with over 7.3 million attendees in India, which is the largest healing service recorded in history.

He owns lots of books which are among the bestselling books in America. His net worth is estimated at $42 million according to therichest.

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5) Chris Oyakhilome Net worth - $50 million
Church - Christ Embassy

Richest Pastors - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is regarded as one of the best Bible teachers in the world. The popular Nigerian pastor is the founder and president of Loveworld incorporated (Christ Embassy).

Well, which Nigerian doesn't know about Pastor Chris, his teachings or his popular Christ Embassy Church with it's headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

Pastor Chris "Good Friday Miracle Night" in 2005 was the largest single event held in Nigeria with over 3.5 million attendees.

He was the first person to pioneer a Christian based television from Africa to the world.

The man of God is also the author of the "Rhapsody of Realities" which is a daily Devotional book downloaded in over 100 languages and it's the second most translated book in the world after the Bible.

Chris Oyakhilome collaborated with Benny Hinn to create Christian cable channel Loveworld USA.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome net worth is at $50 million making him the fifth richest pastor in the world 2020.

4) Pat Robertson Net Worth - $100 million

Richest Pastors - Pat Robertson

Do you know that Pat Robertson is the chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) which also appears on 700 club. The 700 club is considered to be the most viewed Christian TV show in the world.

Pat is 90 years old and was born on Lexington, Virginia in the US. He is the chancellor and CEO of Regent University.

This man has lots of influence and financial resources which makes him a recognized, influential voice for conservative Christianity in the United States.

Pat Robertson in 1986 announced intentions of running for president of the United States through the republicans. He campaigned against George Bush but the later was the winner.

Pat Robertson net worth is estimated at $100 million according to celebritynetworth.

3) TD Jakes Net worth - $147 million

Richest Pastors - TD Jakes

This man has been regularly called America's Best Preacher. He is the founder of the Poters House which is a non denominational American mega church.

TD Jakes ministry also includes the annual festival megafest which draws more than 300,000 people and the annual women's conference 'Woman Thou Art Loosed'.

In 2009, TD Jakes held the early morning prayer service for President Barack Obama at St johns Church in Washington.

At the 46th Grammy awards in 2003 Jakes album "A wing and a prayer" won the Best Gospel in Chorus Album. "Live at the poter's house" received Grammy nominations.

TD Jakes also doubles as one of the richest pastors in America and the richest black pastor in America. His net worth is estimated at $147 million.

2) David Oyedepo Net worth - $200 million
Church - Living World Faith Church Chapel Worldwide

Richest Pastors - David Oyedepo

David Oyedepo is the second richest pastor in the world and the richest pastor in the Nigeria. This man of God is very popular and known around the world.

His church is very popular. David Oyedepo is the founder and presiding bishop of the mega church faith tabernacle in ota, Ogun State.

The wealth of this pastor is really huge and he makes a lot of money off his huge congregations. In 2011, Forbes tagged his net worth at $150 million.

His two universities are among the best universities in Nigeria. He is the chancellor of Landmark and Covenant Universities.

His winners chapel international network of churches is located in over 300 cities in all states of Nigeria and in several cities in 45 African nations, Dubai ,UK and US.

According to Bishop Oyedepo, he received mandate from God through an 18-hour vision in 1981 to liberate the world from all the oppression of the devil through preaching the world of faith.

He is sure one of the wealthiest pastors and has whooping net worth of $200 million as of 2020. 

1) Kenneth Copeland Net worth - $760 million

Richest Pastors - Kenneth Copeland

Copeland takes the first spot as the richest pastor in the world. He is the founder of Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) and runs the Texas based ministry of KCM.

He is a very popular televangelist and author. Likely as the prior mentioned pastors on this list, he is identified as a preacher of prosperity gospel and he's most times criticized for that.

Kenneth frequently calls for donations to his church and he stairs up controversies regularly for using these donations to finance mansions, private jets and other lavish purchase and he owns an airport.

In 2008, KCM claimed to own five airplanes, one which is valued at $17.5 Million.

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