Richest Actors in India 2020: Our Top 20 List

Richest Actors in India 2020: Our Top 20 List

Richest actors in India    Image source: Daily Hawker 

Who are the richest actors in India? 

Do you know who they are? Have you got a clue on how huge their achievements are? 

The Indian cinema had lots of actors whose contributions can't be reckoned with. 

Some have careers that have spanned over 30 years while a few have long careers of over 4 or 5 decades. 

Their net worths are referenced from big wealth publishers such as Celebrity Net Worth, Forbes and more. 

They have won lots of awards and received honors from their governments. 

These movie performers have been sort according to the estimates of their net worths.

S/N     ActorsNet Worth 
20Abhishek Bachchan $30 million
19Madhuri Dixit $35 million
18Ajay Devgn $40 million
17Saif Ali Khan $40 million
16Rishi Kapoor $40 million
15Fardeen Khan$40 million
14Arshad Warsi $40 million
13Hrithik Roshan $45 million
12Sunny Deol $50 million
11Ranbir Kapoor $50 million 
10RajiniKanth$50 million 
09Irrfan Khan$50 million 
08Dharmendra$60 million 
07Dilip Kumar $85 million 
06Kamal Haasan $100 million 
05Aamir Khan $180 million 
04Akshay Kumar$240 million 
03Salman Khan $310 million 
02Amitabh Bachchan $400 million 
01Shah Rukh Khan 
$600 million 

Meet The Wealthiest Film Players in India 2020

20) Abhishek Bachchan Net Worth - $30 million 

Image Source: The Print 

The son of legendary actors Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan got his name on the rich list. 

Abhishek is known for his works in Bollywood. He got his first commercial success with 'Dhoom' and 'Run's in 2004.

His highest grossing releases include the action sequels Dhoom, Dhoom 2 and Dhoom 3 released in 2004, 2006 and 2013.

He had won lots of awards including the Firmware Awards three times and a National Film Award. 

Abhishek Bachchan had investments in the sports section owning a professional Kabaddi team and co-owning a football team. 

19) Madhuri Dixit Net Worth - $35 million 

Image Source: BookMyShow 

The Indian actress Madhuri Dixit is one of the most popular actresses of Hindi cinema. 

She has appeared in over 70 Bollywood films winning six Filmware Awards. 

Dixit in the 90s and early 2000s was one of the highest paid actresses in India. She has appeared on Forbes India's Celebrity 100 seven times. 

She holds the fourth highest civilian honor of India, Padmi Shri which was awarded to her in 2008.

Madhuri Dixit's net worth is estimated at $35 million making her one of the richest thespians of India. 

18) Ajay Devgn Net Worth - $40 million 

Wealthiest actors in India 2020 - Ajay Devgn
Image Source: Times of India

In the Hindi Cinema, Ajay is considered widely as one of the most popular and influential actors. 

His movies in Hindi has surpassed one hundred and has got many accolades for his acting works. 

Ajay has two National Film Awards and four Firmware Awards. He also holds the Padma Shri honour. 

He has appeared in many critical and commercially successful films having established himself as one of the leading actors of Hindi Cinema. 

He also owns a production company Ajay Devgn Films. 

17) Saif Ali Khan Net Worth - $40 million 

Richest actors of India - Saif Ali Khan
Image Source: Hindustan Times

Another big name on this most affluent actors in India list is Saif Ali Khan. 

He made his acting debut in 1993 and got his biggest commercial success of the decade with "Hum Saath-Saath Hain" in 1999.

Khan has been noted for his performances in a range of film genres with his film roles credited with contributing to a change of a Hindi film hero. 

He has established himself as one of the leading actors of Bollywood. Hennas received lots of accolades such as the Filmware Awards and National Film Awards. 

16) Rishi Kapoor Net Worth - $40 million 

Richest actors in India list - Rishi Kapoor
Image Source: The Indian Express

The late Indian actor was known for his works in Bollywood. Kapoor is considered to be one of the most successful actors in the history of Bollywood. 

He was the romantic lead in 92 films between 1973 and 2000.

He also got critical acclaims for the roles he played in the 2000s and his last movie was 'The Body' in 2019.

The Filmware Lifetime Achievement Award was used to honour him in 2008.

Rishi Kapoor is the father of popular actor Ranbir Kapoor. On 30 April 2020, he died of Leukemia. 

15) Fardeen Khan Net Worth - $40 million 

Image Source: Bollywood Hungama

Fardeen is always referred by many as Bollywood's "Most Handsome Actor".

The former Indian movie performer made his acting Debut in 1998 with a leading role in 'Prem Aggan'.

He starred in many movies in the 2000s and established himself as a valuabe thespian in the industry. 

Fardeen left the movie industry in 2010 to focus on his family although he has stated his desire of a comeback. 

14) Arsad Warsi Net Worth - $40 million 

Image Source: Hindustan Times

Before acting, Arsad Warsi was associated with English theatre group in Mumbai. 

His debut in acting was with 'Tere Mene Sapne' which was a box office success in 1996.

He is widely regarded by many as one of the most underrated actors in the Hindi film industry.

Arsad broadens in entertainment also. being a dancer, television personality and Bollywood playback singer. 

He has hosted several dance shows and Reality TV shows in India. 

13) Hrithik Roshan Net Worth - $45 million 

Image Source: DNA India

A remarkable Bollywood actor also known for his dancing skills. He is also one of the highest paid actors in India. 

He frequently collaborates with his father Rakesh Roshan. Roshan is known for his portrayals on many movies. 

Some of them are Krrish and Krrish 3, 'Bang Bang' and 'War' also gave him huge critical acclaims.

Since 2012 he has appeared in Forbes India's Celebrity 100 based on his income and popularity. 

He is involved with a number of humanitarian causes, endorses several brands and products and has launched his own clothing line. 

12) Sunny Deol Net Worth - $50 million 

Richest actors in India Forbes - sunny deol
Image Source: Mumbai Mirror

Sunny Deol has his name among the most moneyed actors of India. 

He is also a director, politician, producer and the current member of parliament from Gurdaspur of Punjab State. 

Deol's wide recognition happened when he portrayed as an amateur boxer in the 1990 movie 'Ghayal'.

He played a lead role in "Gadar: Ek Prem Katha" in 2001 which was the highest grossing Bollywood films at the time of its release. 

Sunny Deol is a recipient of several accolades for his great portrayals in movies including the National Film Award. 

11) Ranbir Kapoor Net Worth - $50 million 

Richest actors in India 2020 - Ranbir Kapoor
Image Source: IVM Buzz

Rabir Kapoor is one of the most established film thespians in the country. 

He is one of the highest paid actors of Hindi cinema and has featured in Forbes India's Celebrity 100 list since 2012.

One might say its no surprise that Ranbir Kapoor chose acting judging that he is coming from a movie family. 

He is the son of actors Rishi Kapoor and Nietu Singh and grandson og actor and director Raj Kapoor. 

Ranbir has won six Filmware Awards six times. He also owns Mumbai City FC, a team in the Indian Super League. 

10) RanjiniKanth Net Worth - $50 million 

Image Source: Filmware 

RajiniKanth is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most popular actors in the history of Indian cinema. 

His acting career began in 1975 in the Tamil drama 'Apoorva Raagangal'.

He was one time the second highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan. 

Rajinikanth played dual roles in 'Enthiran' and its sequel 2.0 in 2010 and 2018. These movies were India's most expensive production at the time of their release. 

They also made it on the highest grossing Indian films of all time. The thespian's popularity is attributed to his unique styled dialogues and idiosyncrasies in films. 

Rajinikanth in 2017 announced entry into politics and has intentions for the 2021 Tamil Badu Legislative Assembly.

09) Irrfan Khan Net Worth - $50 million

Image Source: CNN

His career spanned over 30 years. Irrfan Khan worked in the Indian cinema as well as British and American movies. 

His critical acclaims came in the 2000s. 'Hindi Medium' was his highest grossing Hindi film.

As of 2017, Irrfan's movies have grossed $3.643 billion at the worldwide Box office. 

He was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor in 2018. 'Angrezi Medium' in 2020 was his final movie appearance. 

Khan died on 29 April 2020 due to a colon infection at age 53.

He was described as a star that created a bridge between South Asia and Hollywood cinema with his talent and hard work. 

08) Dharmendra Net Worth - $60 million 

Top 10 richest actors in India - Dharmendra
Image Source: Gulf News

Also known as the He-Man of Indian Cinema and best known for his works in the Indian movie industry. 

Dhamendra is widely considered as one of the most successful actors in the history of Bollywood. 

He was voted among the top 10 most handsome men in the world in the mid 70s. His role in the 1975 movie 'Sholay' is still considered one of his notable to date. 

Dharmendra was a member of the the parliament, Lok Sabha. 

He bears the civilian honour Padma Bhushan awarded to him by the government of India in 2012.

07) Dilip Kumar Net Worth - $70 million 

Image Source: Wiki Bio

Dilip Kumar got his name as one of the top 10 wealthiest actors in India. 

He has been credited with bringing realism to film acting since his first film. Kumar is best known for his huge contributions in the country's cinema. 

He has worked in over 65 films with a career that has spanned over five decades. 

Dilip is a former member of Indian parliament. He has received lots of accolades including eight Filmware Awards. 

He is the last living male actor from the golden age of movies in Bollywood. 

06) Kamal Haasan Net Worth - $100 million 

Richest actors in India list - Kamal Haasan
Image Source: The Economic Times 

Kamal works primarily in the Tamil cinema and also in Telugu, Mayalayam, Kannada, Hindi and Bengali films. 

He got his breakthrough as a lead actor in the 1975 drama 'Apoorva Raagangal'.

Kamal Haasan has acted in over 220 films and became one of the few actors in India to have completed 60 years working in cinema as of 2019.

He is one of the biggest award winners in the industry. Haasan has received 19 Filmware Awards and two National Film Awards. 

05) Aamir Khan Net Worth - $180 million 

Image Soirce: China Daily

He has a large following worldwide especially in China and India through his long career that has spanned over 30 years. 

Khan has established himself as one of the most popular and influential actors of Indian cinema. 

He is always listed on The 500 Most Influential Muslims of the World. Aamir Khan is also a humanitarian and activist. 

Started acting as a child in 1973 and has featured in movies that have broken grossing records. 

His films are known for dealing with social issues in the Indian society. 

04) Akshay Kumar Net Worth - $240 million 

Richest actors in India Forbes
Image Source: Times of India

Akshay has been on a wonderful career in Bollywood. He has been in over 100 movies in more than 29 years. 

He is one of the most successful Bollywood movie performers of all time. 

Kumar has established himself as one of the most prominent actors of Hindi cinema. 

He was the first Indian actor whose films crossed $280 million by 2013 and $420 million latet in 2016.

As of 2019, he was on Forbes list of highest paid entertainers in the world and the highest paid in India. 

Akshay owns Khalsa Warriors team of the World Kabbadi League. He is one of the most affluent actors in India by Forbes. 

03) Salman Khan Net Worth - $310 million 

Richest actors in India 2020
Image Source: DT Next

Another thespian that has stayed relevant for over 30 years long career. 

Salman Khan is cited by the media as one of the most commercially successful actors of both world and Indian cinema. 

He was on Forbes list of 100 Celebrity Entertainers in the world 2015 with $35.5 million in earnings.

The 2018 Forbes list of the same category saw him ranked 82nd as the highest ranked Indian with $37.7 million worth of earnings. 

He is also a television presenter and promotes humanitarian causes through his charity. 

02) Amitabh Bachchan Net Worth - $400 million 

Most moneyed actors of India - Amitabh Bachchan
Image Source: The Economic Times

One of the biggest names in the country's entertainment. Amitabh is regarded as one of the greatest actors in the history of Indian cinema. 

He was dubbed India's "angry young man" for his onscreen roles in Bollywood. 

Bachchan has made appearances in over 200 Indian films In a career spanning over five decades. 

He also has a large overseas following. Bachchan has won numerous accolades in his career. 

Amitabh has won 15 Filmware Awards and four National Film Awards. He is also a former politician and has hosted various shows. 

01) Shah Rukh Khan Net Worth - $600 million 

Most affluent actor in India - Shah Rukh Khan
Image Source: Times of India 

He had earned the "Baadshah of Bollywood", "King Khan" and "King of Bollywood" nicknamed in the media.

Shah Rukh Khan is the most richest actor of India on this list. 

He has been described as one of the most successful film stars in the world. 

Khan has appeared in over 80 Bollywood films. He has 14 Filmware Awards to his name. 

He has been inf films that are among the highest grossing movies of Indian cinema. Shah Rukh has a large following in Asia and the Indian diaspora. 


We've got to the end of this article. The above list is for the richest actors in India showing their individual net worth. 

They have been acting for long and their movies doing well commercially. They are the most successful in the Indian movie business. 

ShahRukh Khan leads the list with Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan following up. 

Did we miss any actor? Kindly let us know and also give us your opinions. It will be considered. 

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