October 31, 2019

10 Most Expensive Private Jets in the World 2019 - 2020

These air monsters are so luxurious and very expensive. Acquiring a private jet is not an easy stuff as they are extremely costly but lots of them can be owned. 

Big names purchase these private jets for their journeys to different parts of the world. The comfort it gives is overwhelming with some owners going overboard to give a whole new expensive interior and exterior designs.

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Do you love private jets and dream of getting one someday, then we are giving you the most expensive private jets in the world 2019 - 2020 through publications from wealthygorilla

Air Force One

Trump entering the Air Force One

1) Air Force One - $5.2 Billion 

The Air Force One is the most expensive private jet in the world. It has a price tag of $5.3 billion. This price is pentagon's first public accounting to include the new hangers and various other costs. 

According to Air Force Magazine, President Donald Trump's new Air Force One fleet will cost a total of $5.2 billion, up from the 2016 estimate of $3.2 billion.

Wondering what the features of this Air Force One would be?, well according to businessinsider, the body of this plane can withstand nuclear blast from the ground, Oh Gosh, never knew this.

More interesting facts about the most expensive jet is that it is as tall as a six-storey building and gives an undeniable authoritative presence wherever it flies. 

The jet has flares that are hidden under the wings that can be released to confuse enemy missiles. Even having pilot and copilot, there is also an engineer and navigator in the cockpit, the three deck plane has two exit doors located in the fronts and lots of other features. 

Boeing 747 Refit

Boeing 747 Refit

2) Boeing 747 Refit - $617 million

The Boeing 747 Refit is the second most expensive private jet in the world. The jet is worth a whopping $617 million. 

The Refit there means the aircraft cabin interiors have been fitted again i.e the cabin interiors are similar in look and feel to the airline's newest aircraft and additional club world lie flat seats. 

According to Troy Warfield, British Airways director of Customers experience, "We know customers who fly the revamped 747s really appreciate the improved interiors, with their mood lighting, better seating and new state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system, making their flight just fly by".

Boeing 747 Refit

Boeing 747 Refit

The refitting included 61 miles of wiring for the new Panasonic ex3 next generation entertainment system, giving customers a choice of over 1300 hours of entertainment including 130 movies and 400 TV programmes.

This jet is owned by a mystery billionaire who loved so much luxury. From the sitting room with lots of elegance to master bedroom with huge bed and arm chair. 

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Airbus a380

Airbus a380

3) Airbus a380 custom - $500 million 

The Airbus A380 is owned by prince Al-Waleed Bin Talad. The jet is considered the biggest private jet in the world maybe bigger than the new Air Force One. 

In 2009 Guinness World records, it was noted as the largest private jet in the world. This can fly either 525 or 800 passengers 8,000 miles before refuelling. 

The jet is said to have a concert hall, a Turkish bath, a garage for a Rolls Royce and even a prayer room with electronic mats which automatically rotate to face Mecca. 

Boeing 747-8 intercontinental BBJ

4) Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental BBJ - $403 million 

A new Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental BBJ will cost $367 million. Well this new price tag is only for the jet without any interiors fitted. 

$25 - 50 million will get you a proper interior design and also depending on what features are installed and how the interior is designed. 

As not much happy as it might sound, creating an interior design might take up to two years or more. 

Airbus a340-300

5) Airbus A340-300 - $400 million 

This huge aircraft can fly as much as 9,000 miles nonstop, seating up to 375 people inside. 

Russian Billionaire, Alisher Usmanov is the most known owner of the Airbus a340. Well, Usmanov is known for luxury expenses at great extents. He reportedly made $1.4 billion for selling his facebook shares. 

This jet is the largest in Russia, even bigger than the aircraft of Vladimir Putin. This jet features lots of luxuries such as lavish dining room equipped with luxurious leather chairs. 

Other features are sleeping quarters, bathrooms and various seating areas. Four turbofan engines allow for a maximum cruising speed of 915Km/hr and maximum flight range of 13,699.

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Boeing 747-430

Boeing 747-430

6) Boeing 747-430 - $240 million 

This is the 6th most expensive jet in the world. The Sultan of Brunei is the owner of this Air monster.

The Sultan of Brunei paid atleast $100 million through Lufthansa to purchase a Boeing 747-430 then he spent another $120 million to outfit the aircraft with a mouthwatering interior. 

Boeing 747-430

Boeing 747-430

The interiors of this jet screams luxury with Gold used mainly as the interior designs. The living room, bedroom and bathroom are all in gold and crystals. 

Boeing 787-8 BBJ

7) Boeing 787-8 BBJ - $224 million 

This is another jumbo jet on the list. For some, the 61.5 million Dollars Gulfstream G550 and it's likes are the costliest and most expensive but huge airliners and jumbo jets are now turned into private jets. 

The Boeing 787-8 BBJ is one of the most expensive private jets in the world, coming in at a staggering $224 million.

It can also accommodate up to 39 guests and has a rather impressive master suite. The suite includes a walk-in wardrobe, a double shower and heated marble floors.

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Boeing 767-33A ER

8) Boeing 767-33A (ER) - $170 Million 

This expensive jet is owned by the Eclipse owner, Roman Abramovich. Alongside his luxury superyatch which is fitted with missile detection system, he owns one of the most expensive private jets.

The super jet is nicknamed "Bandit" and has the same security system as Air Force One. 

Boeing 767-33A ER

Boeing 767-33A ER

The drastically modified Boeing 767-33A ER owned by the Russian oligarch is based at the Harrods Aviation facility at London Stansted airport.

It was purchased in 2004, the year after Abramovich moved in to Stamford Bridge, after Hawaiian Airlines’ decided to cancel their order.

The private jet features a banquet hall which seats 30 people and features a kitchen, office and bedroom with double bed. 

The aircraft has bright colouring of white, grey and brown lines on the outside. 

Boeing 747-81 VIP

9) Boeing 747-81 VIP - $153 million 

Joseph Lau ordered for this private jet in 2007. The Hong Kong real estate tycoon order is valued at $153 million, the current list price. 

The jet is the only privately owned Boeing 747 Dreamliner. The rest are owned and operated by the massive airline companies. 


the only privately owned Dreamliner

Popular aviation YouTube star, Sam Chu had the same opportunity to tour the same type of plane. There are 18 flat seats in the back and an additional 6 premium economy seats for the servants.

The shower holds 210 gallons of fresh water for bathing, the master bedroom is so large and the sofas are movable with Buttons.

Tyler Perry's Gulfstream III

10) Gulfstream III - $125 Million 

The Gulfstream III is owned by popular and wealthy comedian, filmmaker and actor, Tyler Perry

The jet has been customised a lot over the years and can carry up to 14 passengers.

It has a 42-inch HD LCD screen, multiple Blu-ray players, a satellite TV and a fully operational theatre.

This jet is also famously remembered as the jet that flew past Whitney Houston's body after her shocking death in 2012.

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Let's take the  whole list again 
  • Air Force One - $5.2 billion 
  • Boeing 747 Refit - $617 million 
  • Airbus A380 - $500 million
  • Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental BBJ - $403 million 
  • Airbus A340 - 300 - $400 million 
  • Boeing 747-430 - $250 million 
  • Boeing 787-8 BBJ -$224 million 
  • Boeing 767-33A (ER) $170 million 
  • Boeing 747-81 VIP - $153 million 
  • Gulfstream III - $125 million 


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