August 10, 2019

Top 10 Richest kids in Nigeria Now 2020

While most kids dream of becoming big in the future, some are already big and popular at the moment. These kids are already on big moves and are making good amounts of money for themselves. Some are involved in music, acting, sports and a whole lot.

The likes of comedian girl, Emmanuella who is a major member of the Mark Angel Comedy and also one of the major reasons why the group is where it is today makes the list. Alongside her include kids like Amarachi who is a fine singer and winner of the Nigeria got talent show maiden edition, Mompha Jnr who is the son of Dubai based billionaire Mompha are also not excluded. Below goes your list of top 10 richest kids in Nigeria, Enjoy.


1) Emmanuella
Emmanuella is a very popular comedian and internet celebrity. She is a major member of Nigeria's most popular comedy skits on YouTube. She really helped in the rise of the comedy group which was created by Mark Angel.

They have over 4 million subscribers on YouTube and gets millions of views on each uploaded. Mark Angel's comedy's growth was very tremendous but it was due to their dedication, talent, organization and continuity.

Emmanuella tops the list of richest kids in Nigeria. She started becoming popular along with the rise of Mark Angel's comedy. Emmanuella's net worth is estimated at $70,000 according to mpmania.

Mompha Jnr

2) Mompha Jnr
This boy is popular due to his father's fame and money. His father is Ismaila Mustapha who is the CEO of Mompha Bureau De Change. Him being the son of the Dubai based billionaire makes him the heir to his empire.

His pictures are often scattered on instagram by Mompha always showing the luxurious life his son is living even at a very young age. Most pictures of Mompha Jnr shows him in the midst of cash bundles, cruising in a Rolls Royce or a private jet. Exact net worth of Mompha Jnr is not known but he takes the second spot on the list.

Destiny Boy

3) Destiny Boy
Destiny Boy's real name is Afeez Adesina. This young boy is a very talented musician. He went popular when he covered the song "if" by Davido. His 'if' cover got viral and noticed and from there his music career became promoted.

The teen has featured with popular artistes like Wizkid, Davido, 2baba etc. Destiny Boy's net worth is estimated at N20 million.

4)Amarachi Uyanne

Amarachi is a popular singer and dancer. The young artiste was born on 17th July 2004 and was the winner of the maiden edition of Nigeria Got Talent. She won the price for the show which was the sum of N10 million.

Amarachi hails from Imo state. She is 15 years old and develops her talents and also including shows participation as well as runways. Amarachi net worth is estimated at N18 million.

Ahmed StarBoy

5) Ahmed StarBoy
This 13 years old was signed by Wizkid's record label StarBoy Entertainment and given 10 million. He was brought on stage by Wizkid while holding a show sometime ago. The young boy loves rapping in his dialect and he is impressive too.

His popularity was due to Wizkid and his life has become better. The net worth of Ahmed is estimated at N12 million.

Ozzy Bosco

6) Ozzy Bosco
Ozzy Bosco is a very talented singer. He conposes his own songs which are considered hits and loved. The talented 12 years old singer goes to lots of shows regardless to his very young age.

Ozzy Bosco's real name is OziomaChukwu Mojekwu. He has featured on the international scene of British got talent show and he got a standing ovation after his performance. Ozzy Bosco's net worth is estimated at N12 million.

Ify Ufele

7) Ify Ufele
This little girl is a very promising fashion designer who is based in the United States of America. The 8 years old fashion designer had her work demonstrated at New York Fashion Week.

Her works are inspired by African culture. Ify is currently the youngest fashion designer in Nigeria. She learnt how to sew from her grandma when she was just 3 years old. Ify Ufele's net worth is estimated at N10 million.

Marylove Edwards

8) Marylove Edwards
Marylove Edwards is Nigeria’s young tennis champion focused on emulating the great Serena Williams.

Although many have started referring to her as the “Nigerian Serena,” the 13-year-old who is currently at the prestigious IMG Academy, in the U.S. says: “I love Serena, I love her style and I love the way she plays. But I’d love to be myself, just Marylove Edwards.

Late last year, Edwards won her first tournament in the U.S., USTA Celsius Level 6 girls’ 14 & Under tournament. Edwards is under the Temple Management Company (TMC).

Net worth of Marylove is estimated at over N 7 million.

9) DJ Young Money
DJ young money is currently the youngest DJ in Nigeria. He has performed in many events held within and outside Nigeria. He earns millions of Naira through various shows and concerts.

According to lindaikejisblog, the deal he had with k-nation in 2016 is a multi million one. This kid was the official DJ at Tinubu's birthday in 2016 and has gotten accolades from the likes of former Governor of Lagos State, Ambode. His net worth is around N7 million.

Segun Wire

10) Segun Wire
Segun Wire is a talented music artist and internet sensation, who is also regarded as one of the best and youngest music star in Nigeria. He became very famous on social media after a video where he said that he wants to become a Yahoo Boy when he grow up went viral on social media.

He became a true media sensation and pretty popular in Nigeria afterwards.

The young star was formally a beggar on the street

Segun Wire's net worth is estimated at N6 million.

The above list of the richest kids in Nigeria shows you who these kids are , how they got popular and how much they are individually worth. Taking a recap of the whole list:

  • Emmanuella 
  • Mompha Jnr 
  • Destiny Boy 
  • Amarachi Uyanne 
  • Ahmed StarBoy 
  • Ozzy Bosco 
  • Ify Ufele 
  • Marylove Edwards 
  • DJ young money 
  • Segun Wire
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