Bimbo Ademoye Biography And Net Worth (2020)

Bimbo Ademoye Biography And Net Worth (2020)

Bimbo Ademoye's Biography and Net Worth

           The Profile                  
NameBimbo Ademoye                
Net Worth$200,000

Who is Bimbo Ademoye? 

Bimbo Ademoye has gained a lot of prominence and critical acclaims in nollywood. Her fan base has grown unimaginably due to the stylish interpretation and finishing of her movie roles. 

Starting off her career in 2014 with Talent Lies to growing into one of the influential and loved actress in Nollywood at the moment. Bimbo has won awards and lots of nominations which show that she's on the track of a successful career. To get Bimbo Ademoye Biography and net worth continue reading... 

Early Life 

On February 4, 1991 Bimbo Ademoye was born in Lagos State, Nigeria. She had her secondary education in Mayflower secondary school in Ogun State. Ademoye is a graduate of Business Administration from Covenant University and according to her was raised by a single father who also supported her acting career. 

Acting Career 

Bimbo Ademoye's Biography

Bimbo Ademoye has turned out to be one of the influential actresses in Nollywood. Her career started in 2014 when she was castes in the short film Talent Lies. The film received accolades from the African International Film Festival and also critical acclaims for the actress. 

Her second main feature was in the film Its About Your Husband in 2015. Uduak Isong was the movie's producer whom Bimbo has frequently called her mentor. 

Premium Times ranked Ademoye as one of the five actors who were predicted to have a successful career before the end of 2018.

She has described working with big figures in Nollywood such as Stella Damascus as a motivating moment after they worked together on the 2018 movie "Gone".

Bimbo has garnered a huge fan base for herself and one of the fastest rising nollywood actresses. She has been described as a celebrity style icon by several media outlets. 

Ademoye has earned lots of awards and nominations for her swaying display of talent and acting skills in movies. She has also been in many films and TV shows since getting her breakthrough in the industry. 


Some of Bimbo Ademoye's movies includes
  • This is it
  • Desperate House girls 
  • The Real Side Chicks 
  • Double Dark
  • Slay Queen 
  • Getting Over Him 
  • Women Are Scum 
  • Personal Assistant 
  • Joba 
  • Almost a Virgin 
  • Drifted 
  • Creepy 
  • My Soulmate 
  • Sugar Rush 
  • Gone 
  • Dear Affy 
  • A Thousand Ways To Break A Cheating Man 
  • Nollywood New Bride - Maya Awards Africa (2018)
  • Rising Actor of the Scream - All Youth Awards (2018)
  • Most Featured Actress in Cinema Movies - City People Movie Award
What is Bimbo Ademoye's net worth in 2020?

As of 2020, Bimbo Ademoye's net worth is estimated at $200,000. The actress has proven that she has come to stay in the industry and not bowing to any competitive or force. 

Quotes from Bimbo Ademoye 

Bimbo Ademoye's Quotes

1) I don’t endorse products I cannot use myself. For me to talk about it, that means I have used it. When you see me endorse a product, it means I have used it and tested it.

2) I want to work hard enough to a point where I don’t have to introduce myself. My only fear is to fizzle away without making a mark.

3) If you have a bad attitude, please change it. Stop looking for someone to love you the way you are. Nobody likes nonsense

4) Right now, I won’t say I’m facing challenges; rather, I’d say I just have the urge and the hunger to always want to do better.

5) Don’t play second fiddle. Don’t be a sidekick. It’s better to be alone and find the one who treats you as a priority than stay where you are an option.


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