November 17, 2018

These Are The Top 5 Nigerian Instagram Comedy Skits At The Moment

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Preshhinfo is here again with the list of Top 5 Nigerian Instagram Comedy Skits At The Moment. They were ranked with some things in consideration. We ranked them not based only on Instagram Followers but also Regular uploads, how fans reacted to recent uploads, etc.

Top 5 Nigerian Instagram Comedy Skits At The Moment

5) MC Lively
MC Lively is not only a Comedian but also a Lawyer. His real name is Sani Michael qnd he hails from Edo State. According to MC Lively, he has been into comedy all his life but started doing MC in 2013 and gradually became a full comedian in 2015. MC Lively has created a huge fan base for himself as people are really thrown into laughter because of how good he is. His method of Comedy Skits are mostly been asked a question while he walks on the road but still got other creative styles that raised him this high today. He currently has 479,000 followers on Instagram.

4) Williams Uchemba
Williams Uchemba has been in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry since he was a child. He is an Actor, Movie Producer, Comedian, Model, Philanthropist, Television Personality and also a UN Ambassador. With all the activities that befalls the young man, he still finds time to do what he loves most, Making Ribs Cracking Comedy Skits. The Handsome Actor has 1.3 million followers on Instagram at the Moment.

3) Oluwadolarz
Ogunleye Olamide Babatunde better known as 'Ola' and heads the Oluwadolarz Room of Comedy is an MC, Actor and a Comedian. His Comedy skits shows much creativity and how talented the comedy group is and that has pushed them forward as Oluwadolarz has amassed a great popularity. He currently has 464,000 followers on Instagram and has greater fans appealing, that's why it has been ranked Third.

2) Brodashaggi
The so claimed Nigerian's Number 1 Agbero Boy is an Actor, Dancer, Singer and a Comedian. His real name is Samuel A Perry. He is popularly known for the catch caption "Any Question Of The Day, Oya Hit Me". He has achieved a lot of fame through his comedy videos going viral over and over again. That's what any Comedian would want, to establish a great name in the industry. Brodashaggi recently hit 1 million followers on Instagram, his YouTube channel is also doing great.

1) Maraji
The current Queen of instagram comedy skits. Gloria Oloruntobi has been releasing great comedy skits for a long time and with so much creativity and hardwork she has achieved a lot. She really has a strong fan base and a unique style of comedy that is loved by all. Actually going to reach a million followers on Instagram as she currently has 984,000 followers.

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