November 7, 2018

Celebrity News: Hushpuppi Laments Bitterly Regarding the Minimum Wage Saga

Ray Hushpuppi has bitterly criticized the President Of Nigeria and the Nigerian Government over their inadequacy to endorse the N30,000 Minimum wage for Civil Servants.

He wrote " it's such a shame that the President far over this amount for one meal, I can bet his family eats more than a thousand dollars per meal but won't approve $80 for a month wage to a Civil Servant who has many mouths to feed in their household"

Hushpuppi also added " Nigeria needs reformation. I wonder when they expect an average Nigerian to have a little taste of good life, I wonder how much and how long it will take for a Civil Servant to save up to buy an ordinary iPhone smh"

What do you think about this?


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