June 13, 2018

Mayweather's garage is super stunning

When you have the kind of money Floyd Mayweather,Jr has you have to spend it on something. Floyd Mayweather loves spending a lot of them on exotic cars.

He’s said to own more than 100 cars, often buying multiple versions of the same car because he likes multiple styles. He also reportedly keeps a fleet of all-black cars in Los Angeles and a fleet of all-white cars in Miami.

These are some cars owned by Floyd "money" Mayweather 

Bentley Musanne

Rolls Royce Drophead 

Ferrari 599

Ferrari 458

Rolls Royce Phantom 

Mercedes Benz S600

Mercedes SLS

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Bugatti Veyron
Ferrari f430

Black Ferrari 599

Lamborghini Murcielago

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Mercedes SLR


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